Parent Stories

Colorful Fruit


“I know kids need a variety of foods to stay healthy and I recently learned that eating different colored fruits and vegetables provides a wider variety of the nutrients we need. So, as a fun activity, when I take my kids to the farmers’ market or grocery store, I ask each of them to pick out a different colored fruit or vegetable. They’re more likely to try something new when they choose it themselves. And the more colors they try, the more nutrients they’ll likely get. That’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!”

Low Fat Milk


“Milk helps kids grow strong. So it’s important to me that my kids get the milk they need every day. I used to believe that fat-free and low-fat milk were not as healthy as whole milk. Then I learned that they have the same calcium, protein, vitamin D, and other nutrients, just less fat. The saturated fat in other milk increases the risk of heart disease. My pediatrician told me that after age 2, kids don’t need that fat. That’s why I made the transition to low-fat (1%) milk. First I switched to 2% milk, then after a couple of weeks I switched to 1%. The kids didn’t even notice.”

Whole Grains


“I used to think eating healthy was so hard. But, some of the best advice, like eating whole grains, is easier than I thought. Whole grains are good for digestion. And, because they have lots of fiber, they make potty time easier for my kids.I look at the ingredients and buy whole grain crackers, bread, pasta, dry cereals, and tortillas with the word “whole” before the first ingredient. I get brown rice and oatmeal too, since they’re naturally whole‐grain and easy to find. Sure it might take me a few extra minutes at the store to make sure I’m buying whole grains, but it’s worth it to see my kids happy, healthy and regular.”

Eating Veggies


“Getting my child to understand the importance of vitamins was vital in getting her to eat veggies. She started making better choices for herself and would ask where things on the plate were on the Pyramid. We started making healthier snacks available and got rid of over processed foods.”