We Heart Canned Foods


We  Canned Foods!

You know how important it is to show your family love.

Canned foods can be great for your heart health. Here’s a lineup of canned foods you, your family, and your heart will love.

Canned Beans

Beans are linked to lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and even a lowered risk of having a second heart attack. You should aim for several servings per week. Here are some tips to help you eat more canned beans.

  • • Drain and rinse canned beans to reduce about 40% of the sodium.
  • • Add drained and rinsed canned beans to prepared soups or on top of a green salad.
  • • Thicken a favorite soup with mashed cannellini beans.
  • • Replace flour with pureed black beans in brownies and other chocolate desserts.
  • • Toss canned black beans and corn with salsa for a super-fast salad or topping for grilled fish or chicken.
  • • Or try one of our “beany” recipes:

Click for Canned Fish

Click for Canned Fruits and Vegetables


  • Adapted from Action for Healthy Kids