Diane Smith


Meet Diane Smith


I work with many different coalitions that address childhood obesity and hunger relief. As the Food $ense CEO at WSU Skagit County Extension I have the opportunity to promote the Food $ense program in different venues for both adult and youth classes. We are engaging more Hispanic families in our classes and outreach to under served groups.

As a Registered Dietitian I have worked in many different fields of nutrition, but my favorite is community nutrition education. Teaching young children about food choices and active play inspires me to be creative and playful in my presentations. Kids do say the darn’dest things, like when the little boy gleefully sucked up his whole wheat spaghetti noodles stating he was “vacuuming up long skinny snakes”. Watching adult learners discover new information that changes their way of thinking about healthy eating and physical activity is rewarding for me and life changing for them.

Living in the Skagit Valley means I am surrounded by outstanding beauty at every turn. I spend my time away from the office cycling scenic bike ways, watching for birds along the shore and hiking in the Cascades. And I love to cook, prepping seasonal produce from the farmer markets and farm stands that dot the country roads.