Classes for Parents


Classes For Parents
Eating Smart, Being Active
Eating Smart, Being Active (ESBA) is an 8 week course dedicated to helping families learn about obesity prevention and basic nutrition information. The lessons are generally 60 to 90 minutes long. Each lesson includes a food preparation activity, hands-on kinesthetic activities, and a physical activity segment.Learn More
Eat Together, Eat Better
Eat Together, Eat Better (ETEB) resources support nutrition, parent, and youth educators in teaching the importance of family meals in setting roots for a lifetime. Through three related themes—Celebrate Together, Cook Together, and Talk Together—participants discuss the benefits of family meals, discover new ways to enjoy more family meals and increase their motivation to incorporate family meals into their routine.Learn More
Eating Well…
For Less

Eating Well for Less is a four week course that will help you understand how to save money while at the store, as well as give good tips on cooking for your family.
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