About Grow Happy Kids

For Families…By Families.

Funded by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and operated through Washington State University’s SNAP-Education program, Grow happy Kids is an online resource that aims to educate families on nutrition, healthy food choices and recipes, and to offer communities opportunities to access healthy food at lower costs.

The GHK website was tested and developed with only feedback from families that use the site! We believe that in order to truly make an impact, you have to know HOW to make an impact. To us, that means listening to families and giving them the online resources that they want and need.

What Is Food $ense?

Having an online resource for families is great but what about “in-person” instruction? Well, Food $ense was created as a nutrition education program that extends into communities and offers classes on everything from where to find inexpensive but healthy foods, how to cook them healthier, why eating together with families is so important, and great family ideas for physical activity. Check out the “Connect” page to find the Food $ense classes nearest you.