6 to 12 months

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Health and Safety Tips For You and Your Baby

6 to 12 months

By 8 or 9 months, your baby will want to eat with their fingers. Let them “play” with their foods and join in the fun!

Safe Finger Food Ideas

Tiny pieces of cooked veggies or soft fruit
Tiny pieces of cooked meat, chicken, or turkey
Mashed, cooked beans, egg yolk, or tofu
Chopped noodles or rice
Bite-sized pieces of toast, plain cereal, or soft tortilla

Once your baby starts eating more foods, you can have fun thinking up meals for them that include 2 or 3 of the foods they can eat. Here are some suggestions to jumpstart some ideas:

Breastmilk or formula
Baby oatmeal

Fork-mashed peas
Chopped chicken

Breastmilk or formula
Very small pieces of banana
Chopped noodles

“Meal time is a lot of fun in our house. My baby and I take turns picking up foods and feeding them to him. Sometimes it can get messy but it’s easy to clean up. My baby will laugh and get very excited over his favorite foods.”

How Much Does My Baby Eat?

He or she will eat 5 or 6 meals a day. You can start feeding your baby a variety of meals like breastmilk or formula for one meal and breast milk or formula and cereal for another meal.
Your baby has signs to let you know that they are full. They might close their lips, shake their head, or raise their arm. Be sure to let your baby stop eating when they want to

How Do I Know My Baby Is Eating Enough?

The doctor will say your baby is gaining weight and growing well.

Should Other People Feed My Baby?

Friends and family will enjoy feeding your baby as much as you. Be sure to ask what and how much your baby ate.