Julie Guyton


Meet Julie Guyton

Julie Guyton

Julie is a WSU Food $ense Program Coordinator for Grays Harbor County. She trains the Food $ense staff, and makes sure that anything new we have to offer our students, adults, and families are available to those who participate in our programming throughout the county. She also is a co-author of our valued second grade curriculum, Grazin’ with Marty Moose.

Julie started in Food $ense as data entry staff. She became a nutrition educator and found her life’s passion. Julie has taught nutrition in preschool through sixth grades in Aberdeen, Elma, Oakville and Satsop Elementary Schools for 11 years. She has also taught adult series classes. Julie has a BA in Communications from the University of Washington.

Julie enjoys reading (if reading were an Olympic sport, she would be a gold-medalist), cooking (her most famous recipe: The Incredible Exploding and Shrinking Lemon Meringue Pie), gardening (she has the healthiest weeds in the county) and spending time with her immediate and extended family.