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Health and Safety Tips For You and Your Baby

1 to 2 Years

Your baby is now a toddler and you will see them change a lot in the next years. They are becoming more and more like you. You’re still your baby’s biggest role model and teacher. They like to copy you. If he or she sees you eating healthy foods, they’ll want to too!

My baby is eating less than before. Is that bad?

    • Your toddler is still growing but not as much as before so won’t eat as much. They’ll eat more some days than others.
    • Trust your baby to eat the right amount of food
    • Their tummy is still little, they’ll know when they are hungry or not.


You, the parent, can help them by deciding what healthy foods they can eat. He or she will decide what and how much they want to eat. Start with small amounts of food and wait for your toddler to ask for more.

“Growing up, my parents always made me ‘finish my plate’. When my son came, I realized it is better to let him decide when he has eaten enough. I give him a little bit of food and he tells me when he wants more”

Your toddler is learning what foods he or she likes. If they try a lot of different foods growing up, they’ll learn to like them. Serve your toddler new foods along with ones they like. Be patient with them, it may take 10 tries before they like it.

Just like allergies you have, your toddler can be allergic to some foods such as cow’s milk, whole eggs, and peanut butter. It is okay for your toddler to try these foods if there is no family history. In your toddler’s eyes, you are the nutrition expert!